July 08, 2021

Tips For Buying CBD That Will Last Longer

Tips For Buying CBD That Will Last Longer (Part 2 of 3)

When you plop down a chunk of hard-earned ca$h for CBD, you’re making an investment in your wellbeing. So, you probably want to make sure you're getting the tip-top of the line CBD products for your money and body.

The best CBD oil products are always gonna be ones that are the freshest possible. Freshness can affect every aspect of your CBD goods: effectiveness, flavor, texture, smell, and more. It can have a real impact on your overall satisfaction.

So, keep scrolling and scanning for our tips on how to buy CBD products that are fresh and young and have the promise of a long and fruitful existence ahead.

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CBD Oil Shelf Life

The first things to confirm are:

  • Yes, CBD can expire.
  • Yes, CBD can go bad.

CBD is a natural substance. And, as with all organic matter, it’s going to decay over time. That’s biology in action folks!

The expected shelf life of CBD is generally 12 to 14 months. Of course, a million different factors can adjust actual lifespan up or down. You can learn tons more about this in our previous post, Does CBD Oil Expire + Other FAQs About CBD Shelf Life (Part 1 of 3).

At any rate, most CBD products come in sizes/quantities that are realistically useable — if you consume CBD on a somewhat regular basis — before they expire or spoil.

CBD Freshness = CBD Potency

So why’s it important to get CBD that still has a substantial stretch of shelf life ahead of it? It’s simple.

Potency, and effectiveness.

As CBD starts to break down, its quality and strength degrade. This could mean that it would take more product to achieve the same results. It could also mean that you just don’t notice anything at all from your CBD, like it’s not working.

Usually, rancid or past-date CBD oil won’t make you sick.(1) It’s just not a pleasant experience and likely won’t product the expected or desired outcomes you’re seeking.

Tips For Buying Higher-Longevity CBD Oil Products

With all that in mind, let’s chat about how you can get CBD products that have the longest useable life in front of them. We think these tips will serve you well as you’re CBD shopping.

#1 Do Your Research

This is sort of a “duh” rule of thumb. But it’s essential enough to mention as its own line item. Ya have to do your due diligence. You wouldn’t buy a car without first exploring your options and sifting through volumes of facts and figures, would you? Shopping for CBD is similar in that it is worth the effort to become a savvy, informed consumer.

#2 Check The Expiration Date

This is the easiest — and possibly most obvious? — tip here. Most CBD products will have an expiration or “best by” date on them. At a brick-and-mortar store, you can weed through the products to find the one with the most distant expiry date. (You do this when you buy bread or milk, why not your CBD?)

If there’s no expiration date on the product, assume it’s on the older end of the freshness spectrum.

#3 Opt For CBD From Purer Hemp

Organic, domestically-grown hemp (which is what Pure Craft uses!) is likely to yield a longer lived CBD product. It’s kinda like how a stronger, more fit athlete will last longer and fare better in an endurance competition. If you start with sturdier, more resilience inputs — that are free of chemicals that can weaken them and cut their lifespan — your chances of more favorable results improve.

#4 Choose CO2-Extracted CBD

CBD oil extracted via a CO2 method might have greater longevity, or longevity of potency.(2) The working theory here is that CO2 processing produces a purer CBD oil concentrate. And, without who-knows-what contaminants, your CBD is more durable. Rest assured that Pure Craft uses the CO2 technique for our CBD.

Plus, solvent-based extraction can leave residual substances in your CBD — uh, ICK! It’s thought that these impurities kicking around in your CBD can hasten its demise.

#5 Be Mindful Of CBD Product Formulation

The preparation of your CBD will make a difference on its lifespan. And, whether it’s homemade or store-bought can also tip the scales as DIY CBD products are less likely to have preservatives than commercially-produced CBD goods.

  • CBD edibles — like brownies or infused-milk — have the same shelf life as their non-CBD counterparts (maybe a few days to a week or two?).
  • CBD gummies and CBD tinctures are more shelf stable and typically will be useable for up to one to two years.
  • CBD topicals should last as long as regular topicals, which is about one to three years.

#6 Pick The Right Type Of CBD For Your Needs

The type of CBD used in your product could also change how long it’s good for. Full- and broad-spectrum CBD have hundreds of other compounds (other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, etc.) riding shotgun. These dudes may age at a different rate than the CBD.

However, while CBD isolate may keep longer, it’s a big tradeoff. CBD isolate is often considered cheap and low quality. Plus, you’re forgoing all the potential wellness benefits and entourage effect associated with full- and broad-spectrum CBD’s panoply of other phytocompounds.

Get the type of CBD that meets your requirements. Just understand the significance in relation to your product’s longevity.

#7 Consider The Impact Of Other Ingredients

Depending upon the formulation of your CBD, there may be other ingredients in the product. These other ingredients — e.g., carrier oils, flavorings, aromatics — have shelf lives of their own. It's totally possible that some of the ingredients accompanying your CBD have shorter lifespans.

Be sure to read the package label and review the certificate of analysis (COA) to confirm what’s in your CBD product.(3) Pure Craft’s COAs are available on every product page and from the top nav (under the Help menu) on our website.

#8 Remember Packaging Matters

Heat, light, and humidity can prematurely age your CBD.(4) So, your best bet is to opt for CBD that comes in dark, opaque packaging. Also, packaging that’s easy to close is helpful — tightly sealing the wrapping keeps air and other contaminants out.

This is why we use dark containers and black, can’t-see-through labels for our CBD oil products.

#9 Assess CBD Product Storage

If you’re shopping in a store, take note of how the environment in which the CBD is displayed. Is it hotter than hell in there? Is sunshine blazing in through unshaded windows onto the CBD? Is the air what you’d describe as “dewy”? These are not good signs.

Online shoppers can ask the virtual retailer how they store products prior to shipping.

For max CBD longevity, you want products that have been kept in a cool, dry, low-light space.(5)

#10 Buy The Best CBD Oil Brands From The Best CBD Retailers

The best brands are the best brands for a reason. And it’s probably not their marketing budget.

Brands survive and thrive only when they offer stellar products and outstanding service. People become repeat customers because they’re recognizing value from the CBD. So, it stands to reason that premium brands are selling fresher, higher-quality CBD oil.

#11 Only Get As Much CBD As You’ll Use

Don’t overstock your CBD supply. By purchasing in sensible-for-you quantities, you’re apt to finish your CBD before it expires or turns.

#12 Go For Highest Value Over Lowest Cost

Your low-cost leader may actually be a real loser. Sometimes, when you choose value over price, you’re getting more bang for your CBD dollar. How’s this work? Basically, if you pick CBD that’s more potent, you may see more results while using less product — your CBD stash stretches farther. In the end, you could actually spend less money for more CBD.

Also, ask yourself why that other CBD has such a bargain-basement price tag. Is it low quality? Has it been sitting on the shelf for so long that it’s no longer as potent? Is it about to expire?

Live Long & Prosper, CBD

CBD can expire and can go bad. Most CBD products have a shelf life of up to two years. There are many factors that can shave time off your CBD’s lifespan.

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to ensure you’re buying the freshest CBD with the longest period of usability ahead of it. A smart, educated shopper will know what to look for to find CBD products with greater longevity.



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