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Victoria Arceneaux
By the 5th Day I was Pain Free

I injured my back in 2019 ( 3 herniated discs) and have been in constant pain. With lots of physical therapy, good supplements and a healthy diet I reached a point where I could move with bearable pain. Once I started taking this product I became pain free for the first time in three years! I wholeheartedly recommend this product!

Somewhat okay

It does make me relaxed, but not enough. It only makes me sleep for two hours. Not sure if I need a higher dosep.

Improves Quality of Life, Everyday!

Turned to Pure craft D8 Gummies after a friend suggested giving D8's a try. Morphine & the like, had been our pain mgmt products for 30 years. After jumping off that hamster wheel, we've chosen Pure-craft's D8's for relief since the first of 2022.My husband and I have suffered everyday with chronic pain from spinal diseases. A gummy a day keeps our minds off the pain and we are laughing and enjoying our days more than ever. Thank you for making this wonderful product. It's significantly improved each day for both myself and my husband , What a relief to no longer be in pain and suffering. The laughing together is priceless. Love all employees at Pure-craft for the premium gummies created with such care. Sincerely, thank you.

Knock out drops

Very good to help soothe and relax.

Love this product!

Very effective quality product. Helps me relax! Has a long lasting effect too. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

Good so far!

My cat’s getting old (nearly 11 years old) and her kidneys are definitely going bad, she’d been throwing up really often but stopped instantly when I started giving her this CBD oil. She doesn’t even notice it in her food, I’ll give it to her with a wet treat or her wet food and she still eats it just fine. She even seems to have more energy than she’s had since I moved last year, I only give her a little bit of it too!

Super product

This nano cbd does exactly as indicated. Since everyone’s chemistry is different, the effect of the nano cbd effects occurred for me in 3 days. The nano is a great plus in this product being a success. I certainly do appreciate the research involved to create this particular product.

Sharon Gregory
Not my Favorite

The water soluble products do not help me as much as the nano gummies and the nano tinctures.

Life Changing Experience

Delta 8 has changed my life. The anxiety I’ve always had is gone. The joint pain that made me consider Opiate Pain Medication is gone. I’ve prayed for help and the Lord sent me Delta 8. It is important to figure out how much to take, I use about 1/2 gummy a day.

CBD watermelon gummies

These are wonderful for helping pain My first time trying a CBD only formula for pain Was very happy with product

I love this product!

I only take half of the gummy and it does wonders! Really helps relax the mind without causing paranoia and effects last a good while. So glad a friend recommended Purecraft's Delta 8 to me. Will continue to purchase.

Works great!

Amazing for relaxation and reduced anxiety. Definitely worth a try!!


really great quality, best of all i've purchased



I love’em.

I’ve had psoriatic arthritis for 14 years and now I’m pain free after two weeks


I use the CBD gummies to help with the aches and pains after a long shift. The added benefit of immune boosting elderberry makes these gummies perfect for this busy nurse. It doesn’t hurt that the taste is amazing! Thanks for such a great product.

The cbd gummies are very good and it is fantastic for helping with light pain and relaxation.

Using with broadband gummies.

Seems to help limit pain enough to get a few more hours of sleep compared to the 2 hour of sleep I was getting every night. I hurt my left shoulder about a year and a half ago and feel on the ice the beginning of February and tore the rotator cuff in my right shoulder. Don't know what I would do without it since my shoulder operation isn't scheduled until April 14th. It doesn't eliominate all of the pain but gets ride of enough of it for me to sleep better.

Not to happy with them

The green apple ones seem to be better with the green apple ones I only needed one and the blue raspberry I have to take two . I'm pretty sure they are made the same except for the flavor.

Simply The Best

Hands down one of the best thc/cbd on The market

Very surprised Senior

Very surprised Senior, I I am retired but I still get out and do a little construction work for myself and my friends recently did some floor tile was feeling rough the next day sore extremely stiff man helping me suggested I try one that he had I did thought it was extremely beneficial but thought possibly a placebo effect tried some later That next week and had the same beneficial results glad to see your product works so well definitely a frequent user now hope the word gets out there