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pure craft delta 8

Did not work for me. Very little pain relief. Very dry mouth.Very dry eyes. Felt like I didnt know where I was going. Bad headache next day. Not recommending this.


Great product, great company.



These are great! Bought for my daughter but I'm using them now too. This company is legit and there products are great too!


Thank you

Not as strong as I thought
Must order higher potency next time

My order was


Effective and favorable

These gummies help with anti inflammatory pain issues and are flavorable. My favorite is the watermelon, the others are good too.

The Absolute Best!

I LOVE NANO DELTA 8 INFUSED VEGAN GUMMIES. One gummy sends me where I want to go; anymore send me flying...and they DO NOT give me a voracious appetite. I never feel hungry after taking these gummies...takes about an hour to feel the full effect. If you are on a diet that you don't want to break, you might want to try them.

Truly an awful experience

Truly an awful experience, I had exactly one half of one gummy. I got extremely, ravenously hungry, I cannot explain the depths of this hunger, it rivaled any of the munchies I had as a college student with an old-fashioned joint. I was unable to stop stuffing my face AND I got paranoid as a nice bonus.

I was definitely high, but not in an enjoyable way. Instead, it was like "when will this be over?" and couch lock from college days.

This was my first order from Pure Craft; they tasted fine (a hint of bitterness but not awful), but it was a waste because I won't use the other 29 1/2 gummies. Also the ordering process was confusing, to say the least, and I ended up purchasing more than I wanted to in order to get a discount (ironic, I know.)

Overall I would say if you are the least bit sensitive to THC, if when you got high on marijuana you ever had a bad trip, if pot ever made you paranoid, I would give these a wide berth.

Maybe worked?

I use weed to sleep. CBD only has a good effect after a small dose of THC. These did not help, really, but relaxed me slightly. I've had my fair share of edibles. But the dark colored blue ones, and they taste like absolute shit, lol. So bad for little effect. for that price, they should work better.

Cancer relief

We have been a loyal customer for the past several months. My father has stage 4 lung cancer and uses these gummies everyday. Great product.

Works great, reasonably priced

These gummies taste good, no awful after taste like some others. They seem to work as advertised, reducing stress and general aches and pains. There are several sales each year which make the gummies reasonably priced as well.

Just wow, Delta 8 nano infused gummy

Ok so I was skeptical about them but I went for it and I am pleasantly surprised with how much they work. How good they make me feel. Now I wasn't looking to get messed up I was looking for some pain and anxiety relief and something to help me sleep. These definitely help with all of that. It absolutely depends on your body to how much you take to what you can handle. I do use mine up a little bit to spread it out throughout the day. They do help tremendously and in so thankful for them.

I also wanted to add that during the day they absolutely help with clarity and focusing it just depends on how much you take and what you want to get out of it.

Nano CBD

Won’t order again. Heard great things about this company but once I tried, I felt no effect at all.

New Gummy

These are the best gummies I have ever used. There seems to be an improvement. The shape is still a square but larger. They are also softer. These help me sleep when I combine with a CBD gummy from Pure Craft.

Very excellent CBD.

Utah accepts pure craft CBD products because they are lab tested in Utah. Reasonably priced. Will buy again.

Yummy Gummies :)

We love your gummies! My daughter was able to mostly replace Advil with these for her chronic back pain! Very effective and tasty! Thank you for producing a consistently quality product :)

It work I only take half and I am relaxed

Better than any other sleeping pill!

Nothing really helped me sleep. I have tried any things from all over the world. Only NANO CBD soft gels make me sleep. It’s been helping a lot.


These did not work for me. However I have sleeping issues

Gummy duds

Almost half the gummies tried were duds. The ones that worked, worked very well. Slept long and well. The others had no effect at all. We'll see how the rest go...



Nano CBD broad spectrum oil has proven to be a game-changer for me. I've experienced heightened alertness and sustained focus without the jittery feeling. Overall, a reliable choice for those seeking a natural and potent solution for mental clarity.