June 11, 2021

Product Review: Honest Thoughts About Delta-8 From CBD & Cannabis Users

Delta-8 is at the center of cannabis conversations these days. It’s advertised as being less intense than a marijuana-induced high, but with a bit more kick than CBD oil.

Folks say the lighter high doesn’t cause the not-so-fun parts of being stoned, like paranoia and anxiety.

As CBD and cannabis users who enjoy the best of both worlds (but not dry-mouth and paranoia from THC), my significant other and I knew we wanted to give delta-8 a try.

We were excited to find that our favorite CBD company offered D8 gummies made with the same nanotechnology used in its other products. Needless to say, we didn’t waste time shopping around.

At this point, Pure Craft’s Nano Delta-8 Infused Vegan Gummies have been on rotation for several weeks in our household. My SO and I both use D8 differently, and for different reasons. I’m sharing both of our true reactions in this article. Yep, you’re getting a two-for-one delta-8 review. Lucky you!

What You Need To Know Before You Try Delta-8-THC

Before I went all-in on a delta-8 order, I had some questions. Since D8’s the new kid on the cannabis block, I thought I’d share my findings in case you’re curious about the basics, too.

What Is D8 & Where Does It Come From?

Firstly, I wanted to know where this thing my friends called D8 came from.

It turns out that delta-8 is a compound found in cannabis. It’s not present in large quantities, but scientists can extract it and make larger quantities. In its concentrated form, it can be made into D8 products. It can also be artificially created.

If you want to go deep on delta-8 and how it’s different from regular THC (delta-9 THC), here’s a whole article on the topic.

Is Delta-8 Legal?

The first time I heard about D8 was from a friend who said she was using it instead of smoking weed.

A legal weed replacement? It sounded too good to be true.

D8 could be illegal if it’s made from marijuana. But it can be made from Farm Bill-friendly hemp, too. Under the current law, delta-8-THC made from industrial hemp is allowed — mostly. Some states have other restrictions, but I live in a state where cannabis is legal for recreational use.

Chances are, the long arm of the law won’t be bothering me for buying or using delta-8. If you’re not sure about your state, read up on your local hemp and cannabis laws.

Will Delta-8 Show Up On A Drug Test?

Although drug tests aren’t a part of my life, I like to know the facts about what I’m consuming.

That fact is that D8 can cause a failed drug test. Even if you don’t have regular THC (delta-9 THC) in your system, any form of THC can be detectable.

Have a drug test coming up? It might be best to play it safe and stick with CBD oil or practice abstinence.

Is Delta-8-THC Less Intense Than Delta-9-THC?

“Try delta-8,” they said.

“It’s less intense than weed,” they said.

So, I didn’t think twice about popping an entire D8 gummy into my mouth as soon as they arrived. I happily chomped on the whole fruity morsel, noting that it had the same clean flavor as Pure Craft’s other CBD gummies.

My other half followed my lead. This was at about 3pm on a weekday, and I’d just wrapped up work for the day.

Within an hour, my SO was riding a mellow high. Meanwhile, I was lying on my living room floor, the most stoned I’ve been in years.

“D8 is a lie!” I thought to myself. Mellow? Less intense?! Yeah, right.

Then I read the dosage guidelines on the label, which recommends one gummy per day.

One gummy per day. Meaning one gummy could be several doses depending on your tolerance and how frequently you take a dose. *Face-palm*

On top of that, it had been several weeks since I’d taken more than a small hit off my cannabis vape pen, so my tolerance was low. Moral of the story: Always read the label first!

Since then, my D8 experiences have been way more enjoyable — and significantly less intense than smoking weed. No dry mouth or paranoia here!

Of course, eating no more than half of a gummy per dose helps with that, too....

What Does Delta-8 Feel Like?

One of my favorite things about D8 is the body high.

Delta-8 helps me let go of stress and gets me in the zone for yoga and working out. That little voice that usually says “you’d rather be sitting on the couch eating dairy-free ice cream” while I go through my vinyasas is tuned out.

Mentally, it’s less of a mixed bag than smoking weed. Meaning that instead of sometimes feeling great and sometimes getting paranoid (looking at you, delta-9), the effects are consistent and not overwhelming.

My partner agrees. It helps him relax physically, and focus on creative tasks like making music.

Neither of us gets the munchies with D8, which is a huge win for both of us. Snacking while stoned has been our downfall for years.

How Often Should You Take Delta-8-THC?

To be honest, I didn’t think D8 would be more than a one-time purchase. But when I realized how effectively it helped me let go of the stress of my workday, I decided to keep it around.

I don’t take D8 every day, and I still use CBD daily for pain management and stress relief. D8’s place is that little extra. When I might typically turn to a glass of wine or smoke weed, I’ll take either one-third or one-half of a delta-8 gummy.

My significant other takes half of a gummy every night. He used to toss and turn starting around 2 am, but now he sleeps through the night.

We haven’t explored taking multiple doses in one day, but if you want to ride the D8 wave, I’d start with one-third of a gummy. See how far that takes you before taking more.

Settling The Delta-8 Debate

Overall, delta-8 lives up to the hype. It delivers the relaxing effects of marijuana without going overboard. Compared to CBD oil, it has more noticeable effects on the body and mind.

If you haven’t used marijuana before or don’t like the effects of it, I recommend taking it very slowly with D8. Maybe starting with no more than one-quarter of a gummy to start.

Before you dive into that new jar of delta-8-THC gummies, be sure to consider the dosage guidelines and what they mean for youbased on yourtolerance. When in doubt, take less. You can always up your dose with another little nibble.

Jemma C., PNW-based Gen X journalist, Delta-8 gummies consumer since March 2021


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