February 27, 2021

Product Review: How Pure Craft CBD Helps Relieve My Chronic Pain

CBD oil has been a part of my personal care arsenal and healing journey for several years.

I started using CBD because I'm always keen to try a natural solution for pain relief. I’ve been in three car accidents, in all of which my head was jolted like a bobblehead in the hands of a hyperactive toddler. Needless to say, the vertebrae in my neck are not happy. Headaches stemming from my neck are common.

Yoga helps a little bit. So does ibuprofen. But CBD doesn't mess with my gut the way NSAID pain relievers do, and it seems to be better at reducing the pain and inflammation.

When I discovered CBD, I was also amazed at how well it reduced my stress. This, plus pain relief, has made CBD a nearly daily ritual.

I generally go for CBD oil tinctures because they're versatile. You can take them sublingually (under the tongue) or add them to food or drinks. You can also adjust your dose easily, which is great for those days when you're not quite feeling achy enough to need a full dosage.

Due to my neck injury, I've been curious about a CBD topical for some time. So, I gave two Pure Craft products a try:

Nano CBD Water-Soluble Peppermint (1000 mg)

Clean Flavor

I ordered Pure Craft’s Water Soluble Peppermint because I enjoy peppermint flavor in water and wanted to add it to peppermint tea. It's turned out to be a refreshing addition to these drinks.

I was also pleasantly surprised when taken sublingually. It does have the typical earthy CBD taste, but finishes smoothly with zero aftertaste.

Now, it's important to understand that any CBD tincture is going to have flavors from the hemp plant it's extracted from due to terpenes and flavonoids. Terpenes and flavonoids, naturally occurring compounds, give plants their aroma, flavor, and color. Here are some tidbits about terpenes and flavonoids:

  • Marijuana users know terpenes and flavonoids as the compounds that give strains like Lemon Diesel and Grand Daddy Purple their signature flavor and effect.
  • Non-marijuana users know terpenes and flavonoids as the compounds that make lemons taste like lemons and pine smell like pine.
  • Marijuana users may also be familiar with unpleasant terpenes and flavonoids in strains they leave in a drawer after one toke and forget, or save for a very rainy day — aka low-quality weed.
  • In CBD oil, terpenes are also believed to be associated with the "entourage effect," a sort of synergy that happens between cannabinoids and terpenes that helps you feel the CBD working.
  • Some CBD producers even add terpenes and flavonoids after production to enhance the flavor and effectiveness.

(Hemp can be of low quality, too, and you can taste it in the final CBD oil extract product.)

Now that we're clear on that, I can say that the terpene and flavonoid flavor in Pure Craft CBD is of a higher quality. I've actually grown to enjoy the initial earthiness when I take it sublingually. Color me happy.

Fast Acting

The first time I tested Pure Craft's CBD, I didn't think twice about opening the bottle and dropping a full dose under my tongue. I've been doing the same thing with three other brands for several years.

I wouldn't say it was a mistake — because I got to feel the effects very quickly. It was so sudden though, that I decided to take it in my beverages for a more time-released dose. It must be the nanotechnology!

In the past, I’ve used two different CBD oils and one water-soluble. I used to take between 600-750 mg but have been taking around 1000 mg for some time.  In my experience, Pure Craft CBD has a significantly faster effect than other brands.

Bonus Benefits

But back to that first experience. The rapid action of the Pure Craft CBD is just part of the story.

In addition to significantly-reduced neck pain, here are a few other benefits I noticed that day:

  1. Over-caffeinated state leveled out within the hour. I get anxious when I drink too much caffeine, so this was welcome.
  2. Clearer thinking. My writing and work flowed easily.
  3. Less prone to snacking. I still had an appetite but didn't seem to be distracted by cravings.

I’ve continued to observe the same effects taking the tincture on a nearly-daily basis.

Nano CBD Infused Muscle & Joint Cream

Pure Craft Nano CBD Infused Muscle and Joint Cream was the first topical CBD product I’ve tried, so I can’t compare it to others. But, I can say that I’m impressed by the targeted relief it provides.

With the first application, I noticed a few things right away:

  • It has a non-greasy texture. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a residue. This is especially great for my neck application, where hair or clothes might rub against it.
  • Even though the cream has menthol as an ingredient, the scent isn’t overbearing.
  • The menthol provides a nice, tingly sensation when applied.

After giving myself a little self-care neck massage with the CBD cream, I went about my day. After the initial tingling wore off, I didn’t think about it again until, suddenly — SNAP! CRACKLE! POP!

No, I was not eating breakfast cereal.

My locked up neck realigned! I wasn’t stretching or exerting myself in any way. I think I was cooking, actually. Suddenly, everything snapped into place.

 I’m talking instant relief.

I’ve had similar results from high doses of CBD tincture. It’s one of the reasons I L-O-V-E CBD.

The topical gives the same relief, but without having to take CBD orally. I have no problem with the latter. But, if you’re concerned about ingesting CBD for pain relief, I can attest that this CBD topical is worth a shot!

A Dynamic Duo

Nano CBD Water-Soluble Tincture and Nano CBD Infused Muscle and Joint Cream have both earned a place in my personal care kit.

Compared to other CBD tinctures I’ve tried, Pure Craft’s kicks in faster. It also has a better flavor than some.

I use the tincture on a regular basis, adjusting the dose to fit how I’m feeling. CBD cream makes an appearance when my neck is especially sore and tight.

They get the job done every time.

Jemma C., Gen X journalist living in the PNW



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