January 28, 2022

Delta-8 & Erectile Dysfunction

We've started talking a lot about CBD and sexual wellness concerns, like erectile dysfunction. (For more on that topic see CBD Oil For Erectile Dysfunction) But what about other cannabinoids — like delta-8-THC?

Delta-8 sure is one of the most popular cannabinoids in recent years. Can D8 products help with erectile dysfunction?

Let's take a look at how D8 can potentially elevate your boudoir experience.

The Big D: Delta-8

Delta-8-THC is a type of cannabinoid (one of hundreds!) that comes from the cannabis plant. D8 is similar to THC (aka delta-9-THC). While it’s psychoactive, delta-8’s not as intense as THC.

Many people love delta-8-THC for its mellow buzz and euphoric effects. It allows them to have a clear head while feeling creative and social without the anxiety or paranoia that can come with THC.

Some of the reasons people use D8:

  • Experience a high without the paranoia
  • Feel euphoric
  • Relax and unwind
  • Experience increased creativity

Defining Erectile Dysfunction

Does this sound like someone you know?

Your “friend”:(1)

  • Struggle getting an erection
  • Have trouble keeping an erection
  • Experience the issue on a consistent basis
  • Feel a reduced sex drive because of this issue

This may be erectile dysfunction (ED). While ED can be super frustrating and embarrassing, you’re not alone. ED affects over 30 million Americans.(2)

Let’s look at why erectile dysfunction happens.

Causes & Risk Factors For ED

ED is one of those conditions that can have many different causes. One person may experience ED solely because of performance anxiety. Another person may have underlying health issues like diabetes contributing to erectile issues. Other people may have a mix of multiple health conditions.

Some common risk factors include:(1)

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Substance misuse
  • Mental illness
  • Stress
  • Performance anxiety

Does Delta-8-THC Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Now to be clear, delta-8 does not currently have any approved medical usage. But we do know it has potential for medical use based on previous studies. Let's take a closer look at them.

D8 & Anxiety

It's been known for years that cannabinoids have anti-anxiety qualities.(3)

And we know that delta-8 is similar to THC, but lacks the potential paranoia-inducing impacts of THC.(4) This makes D8 the go-to for many who are more paranoia-prone since it’s not likely to cause anxiety.

If your ED is strongly anxiety-related, D8 might help. It may help you calm down, translating to greater ease in the bedroom.

D8 & Weight Loss

Factors like obesity can increase your chances of ED. Luckily, researchers believe delta-8-THC may have a role in appetite and weight management. One study found that mice who were given D8 ended up eating more than other mice, yet they lost weight.(5)

These results seem counterintuitive, but it looks like delta-8 has some properties that target the cognitive and physiological aspects of weight management. This makes sense because cannabis has also been linked to reduced BMIs.(6)

It's possible that the compounds in cannabis help reduce stress, improve sleep, and potentially boost metabolism — all factors that encourage weight loss.

Can Delta-8 Help Your ED?

We're not completely clear on how D8 directly affects erectile dysfunction.

What we do know is that delta-8-THC, as a psychoactive cannabinoid similar to THC, can cause similar psychotropic effects.

We’ve also figured out that your endocannabinoid system is a key part of how your body responds to cannabinoids. So your D8 experience can be very different from another person's experience.

You can give it a go and see how your individual physiology responds to D8. If you find it helps you get into a good state of mind, keep those ED symptoms at bay — great!

Otherwise, you may want to look into CBD oil — which has a bit more evidence backing its sexual wellness potential.(7) (Or, dabble in CBD + D8? We have a blog post on this to get you started….)

Delta-8-THC For Erectile Dysfunction: Is It Safe?

So delta-8 may help put you in a good mood, which allows you to relax and let loose in the bedroom. Is it safe, though?

Looking only at the science so far, there isn't any evidence that delta-8-THC is harmful to your health. But anytime you're introducing a new substance into your body, it's always a smart idea to talk to your medical team.

Also, read this and read it well. Not all D8 is quality stuff. For the safest delta-8 experience, be sure to buy all-natural, high-quality delta-8-THC products from a reputable company.

Summing Up D8 & Erectile Dysfunction

For millions of men, the inability to get and maintain an erection is an ongoing issue. There are several potential causes for ED such as stress, depression, diabetes, and heart disease. So ED is not always a simple case of "not being up for it tonight, honey."

Can delta-8 THC help? It has been shown to improve mood, enhance creativity, and aid relaxation. It might also be an effective tool against the symptoms of ED by helping manage your weight and getting you into the right headspace.

If you want to feel a psychoactive rush, but remain sexually functional — then you may want to give delta-8 a try! Ya never know, it just might help you put some boom-boom back in the bedroom….



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