December 03, 2021

CBD For Sexual Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety, sexual performance anxiety, sexual anxiety — all names for the same problem. A common one at that.

And if you struggle with sexual performance anxiety, it can make sex quite difficult. So you've probably pondered ways to quell the anxiety. Could CBD be the key to unlocking your wild nature?

Well, the good news is that CBD oil might help to alleviate some of the underlying stress and anxiety that keeps popping up in the bedroom.

Let's see how.

What Is Sexual Performance Anxiety?

You feel like your body isn’t working the way that it should — even though you want to. You're stuck in your head, and you can't get your body to relax. You feel nervous, tense, unable to be at ease.


The most common cause of sexual performance anxiety is feeling pressured to perform during sex.

You focus on how you should look, how your body should react, and how the sex should feel — instead of focusing on the intimacy with your partner.

Sexual Performance Anxiety Symptoms

Sexual performance anxiety can be very embarrassing and frustrating. Does this sound like you?

You may have sexual performance anxiety if you:

  • Feel nervous or anxious about sex
  • Experience physical symptoms: like rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, sweating
  • Worry about getting and maintaining an erection
  • Feel shame around your performance
  • Can't relax and enjoy intimacy
  • Tend to avoid sex

When you're anxious you feel defeated, and any sexual drive you had is all but gone. Now, what can you do to combat these feelings?

So How Can CBD Help Sexual Performance Anxiety?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. This compound is found in cannabis plants like marijuana and hemp. CBD has been shown to have calming effects on the mind without major side effects, so it's emerging as a promising solution to anxiety-related issues.

Taking CBD before sex may help to lessen that anxiety you feel and get you in a more relaxed state so you can actually have a good time with your partner.

Let's dig into the research some more.

CBD & Anxiety Support

Years of research have yielded many studies that show CBD can help reduce anxiety for many people.

CBD has the potential to reduce anxiety in a range of anxiety-related disorders like:(1)

  • Social anxiety
  • Generalized anxiety
  • Specific phobias
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Not much is known about how CBD directly impacts sexual performance anxiety, but it seems effective in the reduction of general anxiety. So it may support reducing the stress of performance anxiety as well.

This means CBD might help you relax, de-stress, and maybe feel less inhibited when it comes to sex. When you feel more at ease, you’re less likely to have sexual performance issues.

Issues That Frequently Occur With Sexual Performance Anxiety

You may be wondering why you have this struggle. Performance anxiety is a complex thing. It may be caused by or associated with other common issues.

This means that seeing a professional clinician is a wise choice if sexual performance anxiety is impacting your life.

Here are several commonly occurring problems, and how CBD may help:

  • General anxiety or other anxiety disorders.Your performance anxiety might be rooted in some sort of anxiety disorder. Or it could be a combo of sexual anxiety and general anxiety. Research shows CBD may help in the anxiety reduction department.
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED). Experienced by millions of men in the US, ED can cause a lot of stress in the bedroom. If this is you, read our article: CBD Oil For Erectile Dysfunction for tips.
  • Trauma.If you get feelings of panic or overwhelm during sex, you may have had a traumatic experience hindering your ability to connect with your partner sexually. There's some research that CBD may help PTSD symptoms.(2)
  • Difficulty feeling pleasure/orgasm.If you struggle accessing pleasure during sex, it could create stress and negative emotions that get in the way of enjoying intimacy. CBD might help boost pleasure. Read more on the blog: Does CBD Help...Sexually?
  • Sexual pain.Sexual pain conditions are not well known, but are very real and can impact your confidence in the bedroom. Many people find significant pain relief from various pain disorders through CBD.(3)

How To Take CBD For Sexual Performance Anxiety

Everyone's body works a little differently, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, people seem to find the most relief from their ailments when they take a highly bioavailable CBD product regularly.

When taking CBD for sexual anxiety, consider taking it 30 minutes to an hour before you have sex and see how your body responds.

The minimum dose may work great for you, or you may need to make some adjustments. With just a little trial and error, you'll find what works best for you.

CBD: A Top Performer In The Bedroom

Performance anxiety is a total mood killer. Whether it's connected to sexual dysfunction (like ED) or a general anxiety disorder — it's hard to connect to your partner when your mind's on edge all the time!

If you suffer from sexual performance anxiety, CBD might just be the natural remedy to reignite bedroom activities. Not only does it have a calming effect on people — easing your mind and body so you can relax during sex — it may even boost pleasure.

You deserve to have relaxing and enjoyable sex, and CBD may help you get there.



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