January 26, 2021

7 Advantages of CBD Gummies

Fourteen percent of Americans use CBD products. 

Perhaps you already count yourself as one of them, or maybe you want to join their ranks. Either way, your interest lies in CBD gummies. Who wouldn't want to nosh on the sweet, soothing candies? 

There's more to CBD gummies than their snackability, though. There's still research to be done into the realm of CBD—it has yet to receive FDA approval for its potential medicinal benefits. But those who use it regularly have found many advantages to making it part of a daily wellness routine. 

Here are seven advantages of trying CBD gummies. 

1. CBD Gummies Can Help You Sleep 

So much can keep you awake at night. It could be stress that sends your mind racing as you try to rest. Or, it could be that your body aches after a long day of work, so much so that you can't find a comfortable sleeping position. 

No matter what the problem, CBD could be a solution if you struggle to get the recommended seven to nine hours of shut-eye each night. In one study published in The Permanente Journal, participants took a mere 25 milligrams of CBD each day. Afterward, two-thirds of them reported better, more restful sleep. 

2. CBD Gummies May Soothe Stress

On that note, you may be interested in trying CBD gummies to soothe your stress. Three-quarters of Americans deal with physical or mental symptoms of stress, after all. 

Several animal-based studies have shown that CBD has promising links to stress and anxiety relief. And people who have tried it have noted the same effect in taking CBD daily. Again, this has yet to be confirmed by the FDA, but the anecdotal and animal-centric research has only provided promising results—so it could be worth a try if you're struggling.

3. CBD Gummies Could Boost Focus

There's a big difference between CBD and THC products. Namely, CBD doesn't contain THC, the cannabis component that creates the headrush and other psychological effects. 

Instead, CBD only ushers in that relaxed feeling that cannabis-inclusive products create. And, interestingly enough, users find that CBD helps them to focus because of it. No spaced out days spent on the couch for CBD aficionados. 

That's because CBD interacts with the body's dopamine receptors. And they play a vital role in memory, behavior and focus, among other important tasks. So, whether you take CBD gummies, ingest hemp oil or try a softgel, you could hone your focus.

4. CBD Gummies May Make Pain Less Acute

Speaking of bodily receptors with which CBD interacts, we should also talk about serotonin. 

Serotonin is the hormone responsible for making us feel good. It boosts our moods when released. And it has ties to how the muscles react, as chronically low serotonin can result in chronic pain, for example.

More research has to be done to clarify the link between CBD and serotonin. However, preliminary studies in animals seem to show that CBD's reaction with these receptors can improve the body's pain management skills. 

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or a temporary ache, this is good news for you. And you can target it from the inside-out with organic gummies, or try a topical lotion to soothe pain from the outside-in.

5. CBD Gummies Can Reduce Inflammation

So many chronic illnesses are caused by inflammation. Everything from allergies to diabetes to rheumatoid arthritis has ties to regular inflammation. 

Inflammation is, of course, an important tool that your body uses to ward off illness and disease. But when it misfires, it can do more harm than good, inflaming areas that aren't actually in danger and causing chronic health conditions. 

So, it's wonderful news for many people that CBD gummies seem to reduce this inflammation. Again, studies in this area have mainly focused on animal subjects, but the results seem extremely promising. The animals' bodies have improved their inflammatory responses, thanks to CBD. 

6. CBD Gummies Are Easy to Take

Now, let's move onto the physical advantages of taking CBD in gummy form. You can probably guess what we're going to say here—everyone loves gummies. 

Indeed, most CBD products are equally as easy to take. But maybe you don't like swallowing pills, or perhaps you don't like the earthy flavor of CBD oil. If so, then CBD gummies make the perfect, tasty alternative. They taste like candy, after all. 

And, if you know you have to take gummies for your well-being, you're unlikely to forget them. Instead, a candy treat makes it simple to remember to take your supplements, which will keep those feel-good vibes going for as long as you need them. 

7. CBD Gummies Are All-Natural

You have to do some research before buying CBD gummies, of course. Some may include unsavory ingredients. 

But our CBD gummies are vegan, 100 percent natural, GMO-free and organic. You can feel good about putting them into your body—you get the goodness of CBD and nothing else. 

Time to Try CBD Gummies

It's hard to believe that candy can be this good for you. But it's not the gummy part that could completely change your life—it's the CBD in there. 

So, get started today and order yourself some CBD gummies. You're sure to find that the above benefits make your life calmer and happier. And you get to eat a bit of candy each day to get you there—what's better than that? 

Click here to check out our selection of CBD gummies and get started on your journey with CBD today.

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